The Paradox

“Where man puts a timeline, God puts a deadline. And just because God has a timeline does not mean He doesn’t have a deadline.”

A couple of years back, in the midst of a trial, God spoke this truth to my heart. Ever since, no matter what I have had to walk through, this continues to echo in the depths of my being, whenever it is that I have needed reminding.

It is human tendency to fall prey, every now and then, to the lie that this is never going to change. The Truth, however, is greater than the facts. The Truth of God’s Word says that He changes the times and seasons. That the glory of the latter day shall be greater than the glory of the former day.

Allow me to expound further. This current trial in your life won’t last forever. There WILL be a brighter day. Where you feel your breakthrough needs at least a decade’s worth of work, I urge you to remember that God’s Grace is greater. One touch of His favor can turn the situation around, causing a riveting set of circumstances to take place only to bring you closer to that next level you have been praying for.  Sounds cliched, but is very well true.

Just because the path seems a bit arduous and long right now does not mean that His favor and blessings can’t meet a “suddenly” in your process, causing your faithfulness and obedience, your trust and your surrender to be rewarded by a harvest of fruitfulness.

Faithfulness always precedes fruitfulness. Surrender always precedes miracles. Belief always precedes manifestation. As The Bible says,

“the just shall walk by faith, and not by sight.”

I feel  God wants us to re-evaluate. Where we have given it a five-year planning program, God perhaps needs only five months. And where it seems like we are expectant but can’t see it come about yet, let us remember that His Faithfulness will even look to the culmination of that which  He has begun.

So, let the deadlines come down and let God have free reign to move majestically in our lives. Radically. Beautifully. Deeply. Gently. All at the same time.

After all, isn’t that the paradox we signed up for?

I think you concur.

Have a blessed day!